Vent Axia Astra


Features & Benefits

  • Low Carbon MVHR unit
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Building Regulations compliant
  • SAP Appendix Q Eligible
  • Normal, Boost and Purge speeds
  • Energy savings trust best practice compliant
  • Up to 91% heat recovery whilst controlling condensation
  • Left or right hand installation
  • Light weight for easy installation
  • 3 position switch
  • 2 x Volt Free inputs
  • Easy access washable EU3
  • Compact size
  • Ideal for horizontal fitting applications



The Lo-Carbon Astra specification includes a heat recovery system with up to 91% energy efficiency with an easily accessible heat recovery cube protected by two removable EU3 filters. Two Lo-Carbon Energy Saving fans ensure long life (typically over double the life of AC motors) and lowest possible energy use. Fully insulated construction with built in condensation drain. Specifically designed for new build homes with a high level of insulation.

The Lo-Carbon Astra meets the latest requirements of the Building Regulations Document F 2010 for wholehouse system ventilation:
System 4. Continuous mechanical supply and extract with heat recovery. The Lo-Carbon Astra has 3 fully adjustable speeds including purge setting. In addition, two volt free contacts in the controller offer additional adjustable speed settings.

Motors can be individually adjusted to give any speed setting within the performance range.


Installation - Vertical or Horizontal

The Lo-Carbon Astra can be mounted vertically or horizontally in a roof space, and is suitable for wall mounting or within a kitchen cupboard. When mounted in an unheated area ducting should be insulated.

Minimum internal depth of kitchen cupboard: 290mm.

Left or right hand installation. The unit is supplied with duct spigots to atmosphere on the right hand side. These can be reversed on site to avoid complicated duct configurations.

Condensate drain can be taken out through bottom the unit.


SAP Appendix Q

In order to make the right choice, developers and contractors should refer to Building Regulations Part L1a SAP 2005 and Appendix Q.

SAP Appendix Q was launched in June 2009 to reward innovative ventilation manufacturers by testing and listing energy efficient products that assist in helping developers meet their Target Emission Rates (TER).

SAP is the underpinning methodology behind the Energy Performance Certificates and is used to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations for Dwellings - Part L (England and Wales), Section 6 (Scotland) and Part F (Northern Ireland). Appendix Q specifically relates to wholehouse ventilation systems and lists a number of Vent-Axia Mechanical Ventilation solutions which offer an improved SAP rating over and above the default for these product types.


Your Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted through the burning of fossil fuels. From a residential and commercial building perspective, it is the amount of carbon generated when you produce a kilowatt of electricity. Reducing a building’s carbon footprint will ultimately reduce electricity bills and save money for every individual household or business. It will also help meet the UK target for the reduction of emissions, as well as allowing you to help the environment.



455213 - Normal Boost Switch455213 - Normal Boost Switch

A single gang switch to boost from high to low speeds on all heat recovery units.





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Our Products In Action

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What our client said:

"Thank you for organising everything like clockwork.  Andy & Todd have done a great job and are very positive people to work with.  They are a credit to Service Vent."

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