Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

mvhrHow It Works

Stale, moist, polluted air is continuously extracted from "wet rooms" i.e. the bathrooms, WC's, utility rooms and kitchens. This extracted air is discharged to outside via the heat recovery unit.

At the same time, the fresh air from outside is drawn in, pre-warmed and filtered via the heat recovery unit and distributed in the "living areas" such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

The system runs continuously on low speed, the boost facility can be activated via various controllers and sensors depending upon the unit. The system provides a continuous supply of fresh clean air ensuring excellent indoor air quality. 


The benefits:

  • Fresh, filtered, clean air circulated throughout the home.
  • No energy waste (reducing heating bills)
  • Condensation Control & eradication of mould growth
  • Extraction of odours and other air pollutants
  • No need for open windows resulting in no noise from outside getting in and lowering the security risk.
  • Quiet operation, no need for noisy extractor fans.
  • No need for trickle vents in the windows.
  • Improves the energy efficiency rating of your home.

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Our Products In Action

On Monday Andy and Todd arrived from Service Vent to put in the ducting for our mechanical heat recovery system. Read more here...

This is a real-life blog from one of our customers, who wrote about his house build process at every stage.

What our client said:

"Thank you for organising everything like clockwork.  Andy & Todd have done a great job and are very positive people to work with.  They are a credit to Service Vent."

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