Sentinal Kinetic Plus

Vent Axia Sentinal Kinetic Plus


Features & Benefits

  • Low Carbon MVHR unit
  • Recognised in SAP Appendix Q
  • Ultra quiet
  • Horizontal duct option for space-saving installations
  • High airflow
  • Unique folding filter for removal when access is restricted
  • Integrated digital controller for simple and accurate commissioning
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Integral humidistat
  • BMS connectivity
  • LS inputs/(Light Switch) and volt-free inputs
  • Self diagnosis for simplified fault finding
  • Adjustable delay On/delay Off timer
  • Summer bypass and frost protection 


Increased Performance

The Kinetic Plus benefits from the latest high efficiency,  backward curved impeller design, ensuring the lowest  possible energy consumption, ultra quiet operation and  an exceptional performance range covering small one bed apartments to the largest of houses.


Spigot Options

Spigots may be re-positioned to give horizontal connection or a combination of vertical and horizontal connection. Optional 180mm/200mm spigots can simplify connection in commercial installations where larger diameter duct work has been used.


Quick Change Filter

As many systems are placed within cupboards the unique filter design folds as you remove it to ensure easy access in restricted spaces.


Integral Humidity Sensor

The integral humidity sensor increases speed in proportion to relative humidity levels, saving energy and reducing noise. The sensor also reacts to small but rapid increases in humidity, even if the normal trigger threshold is not reached. This unique feature ensures adequate ventilation, even for the smallest wet room. The night time relative humidity setback feature suppresses nuisance tripping as humidity gradually increases with falling temperature.



441865 - Wireless enable kit (includes receiver and 1 controller)441865 wireless enable kit with reciever

The wireless enable kit allows the Kinetic to be set to boost or purge from a remote wireless controller. One wireless controller is supplied with the kit. Up to three additional controllers may be linked to the wireless receiver.


437827 Additional wireless controller437827 - Additional Wireless boost switch





443283 - Wired Remote Controller443283 - Wired remote controller (includes 15m cable)

The Kinetic wired remote controller duplicates all the functions of the on-board controller allowing the unit to be commissioned, controlled and monitored remotely. The controller is supplied with 15 metres of four core cable fitted with an RJ11 plug for fitting to the Kinetic control pcb. Flush mounting, suitable for a single gang patress box 16mm deep.


455213 - Normal Boost Switch455213 - Normal Boost Switch

A single gang switch to boost from high to low speeds on all heat recovery units.




443351 - Kinetic Plus Pollen Filter - Pack of 2443351 - Pollen Filter (Pack of 2)

Replacement filter set comprising 2 filters for the Kinetic Plus unit.




444201 - Kinetic Plus F5 filter - 1444201 - F5 Filter (1 supplied)

Replacement filter comprising one supply filter for the Kinetic Plus unit. Pack contains one F5 Pollen filter. F5 provides increased performance filtering out most pollens.

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Our Products In Action

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